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Sandra Noel

Sandra specializes in wildlife art with an emphasis on habitat conservation and environmental education. Cards are printed on 30% PCW paper. We use the safety and convenience of PayPal for all our orders. If you do not have a PayPal account please let us know.


Individual cards:

4 1/4” x 5 1/2” All printed on 30% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) paper, packaged in clear, resealable envelopes to keep your card inventory looking great!


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Boxed sets:

(6) different images with printed images on the back to show what is inside. Packaged in clear boxes with gold ribbon.


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Blue Herons

Wood Ducks

Western Grebe

Horned Owl


Coho Salmon

American Goldfinch

Bald Eagle

Common Loons

Pileated Woodpecker


Belted Kingfisher

Cutthroat Trout

Harbor Seals


Sandra Noel works as a free-lance illustrator, graphic designer and interpretive writer developing awardwinning environmental education posters, brochures, exhibits and interpretive signs. Her poems have appeared in Pontoon, Protest Poems, Buddhist Poetry Review, Bellowing Ark, Elohi Gadugi Journal and others, four chapbooks intitled, “The Gypsy in my Kitchen,” and “Into the Green,” Finishing Line Press, “The River,” Kelsay Press, and “Unraveling the Endless Knot,” Middle Creek Publishing & Audio and“Love, Island,” a full-length poetry book published by Goldfish Press.

Love, Island

Love, Island

(66 pages.) $14.95

On this site through paypal as well as or direct from the author for wholesale buys at

“Want to connect with nature and spirit? Take a look at Sandra Noel’s poetry. Her words, her love of the natural world, her insight and wisdom will carry you away into a magical, real world where observer and observed and reader are one. She is one of my favorite nature poets writing today.”
—Jerry Austin, editor, Bellowing Ark Poetry journal.

Unraveling the Endless Knot

Unraveling the Endless Knot

(24 pages.) $16.00

On this site through paypal as well direct from the publisher. Middle Creek Press & Audio, or direct from the author for wholesale buys at

“You will find great eco-literature in these poignant poems by Sandra Noel – with precise diction and great observation, she shows reverence for the earth and all her creatures, mourning for the same when man disrupts or destroys the delicate balance simply for greed or abuse of power. She cautions us that what is gone is gone. Will the melting of icebergs and the disappearing polar bears give us “50 words for loss / when we are finally done?”
—Koon Woon, author of The Truth in Rented Rooms, and Water Chasing Water.

Buddha sky paintings

by Summers Bohenstiel

Summers Bohenstiel is a musician, writer, singer and visual artist who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and now resides in North Carolina.

Summers Cards

Contact: or for further information on purchasing these cards, and to buy music by Bohenstiel.

Individual cards:
$2.25 each

Alaska Stories: Almost home

Celestial Bodies Collide

Buddha sky paintings:

Buddha sky paintings: